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Sistema 4B and the challenge of SEPA

In order to ensure compliance with SEPA's requirements, in July 2008 Sistema 4B was split into two companies:

  • Sistema 4B, as a means of payment scheme, the owner of the 4B trademark and the VISA and Mastercard licences, having the member banks as its shareholders. Its main responsibility is ensuring compliance with quality, security and fraud-control requirements in means-of-payment processes and guaranteeing the financial stability of the system.
  • Networks and processes, which as the means-of-payment processor is responsible for transaction exchange and operational support for the management of the network, its configuration, providing management and fraud-prevention services, together with back-office functions.

This represented the first step to ensuring competence by maintaining the security and stability criteria required by SEPA, as well as Europe-wide interoperability via the cobranding system with VISA and Mastercard.

SEPA compliance Terms of reference for Card Schemes (54,68 KB) Download

Sistema 4B, S.A. annual report for the 2008 financial year.