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The 4B Corporate cardis issued on a co-branding basis with the Visa and MasterCard brands. This is aimed at companies in which cards are primarily used for travel and entertainment on company business, and where managing expenses and monitoring information is important. The product's characteristics ensure a competitive and consistent programme across all the countries concerned (which is particularly important in the case of multinational corporate clients who need a card programme for all their companies distributed around the globe).

Services, Scope of use, Insurance and Applications:

The following features are offered, in addition to those of the brands:

  • Billing in local currency.
  • Cash withdrawal and central and individual charge functionality billing options
  • Limited company liability (company liability waiver insurance)
  • Reports with information for management (analysis of expenses broken down by merchant and cardholder, exception reports, administration of card programme and itinerary of report by airline and city).
  • Expanded statement details enabling faster reconciliation of expenses.

Holders of these cards may enjoy additional services as a support to their journeys, such as:

  • Compensation for loss of luggage.
  • Compensation for flight delays.
  • Cost of replacing documents.
  • Legal assistance.
  • Compensation for aircraft hijacking.
  • Emergency replacement of cash and card.
  • Emergency medical/legal assistance.

If you require more information, please contact any bank belonging to Sistema 4B.