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These cards are specially aimed at businesses. In addition to the applications inherent to the brands, they add a package of very specific advantages for the market segment at which they are aimed. They offer a complete programme for managing travel and entertainment expenses for companies and their employees.

Services, Scope of use, Insurance and Applications:

In addition to the intrinsic brand features, these cards also incorporate:

  • An information system, with various types of report, depending on the issuing bank.   
  • Company disloyalty insurance.   
  • Separate statements for the company and the cardholder.   
  • Accident insurance.   
  • Travel insurance.   
  • Limitation of liability in the case of loss or theft of the card.
  • Special discounts and reservation guarantees at more than 7,500 hotels worldwide.  

If you require more information, please contact any bank belonging to Sistema 4B.