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This section covers some of the questions most frequently asked by merchants

What do I need to do in order for my business to be able to accept card payments?

4B banks offer their merchants the Telepago 4B payments service so they can accept payments made with 4B, MasterCard and Visa cards in their establishments. Please contact any branch of a 4B bank for more information about our 4B Telepago service.   

What cards can I accept in my retail establishment using a 4B POS terminal?

The POS terminals 4B provided to retailers by 4B banks, are able to accept 4B MasterCard, Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express, Diners, Clau, Multibanco and Euro 6000 cards issued by savings banks.  

When will my POS terminal be installed?

A few days after the retailer has signed the Sistema 4B card payments service membership contract, an installation engineer will visit the establishment to fit the POS terminal and explain how it works.   

What is an initialisation card?

This is a tool which is used to program the terminal during installation. It is left with the retailer in case it is necessary to re-program the terminal due to a fault.  

What is a totalisation card?

This is the key which allows the retailer to send the totals of all the transactions performed during a period to the retailer's bank account electronically. When the card is passed through the reader it identifies the bank, branch and account into which the amounts are to be paid. A given POST may have a different totalisation card for each Sistema 4B bank with which the retailer has contracted a Telepago 4B payments service.  

What is the Telecuenta card?

The Telecuenta card is a service 4B member banks offer retail outlets that are members of the Telepago 4B service. It allows the managers of these establishments to perform balance and recent transaction enquiries via 4B POS terminals or via cash dispensers belonging to the Telebanco 4B network.  

My 4B POST is faulty, what should I do?

You should contact the maintenance service provided by your bank. In order to maintain the quality of service of the Telepago 4B service, Sistema 4B sets certain minimum availability requirements to ensure customer satisfaction.