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Interchange rates

Interchange rates applicable to inter-system purchase transactions. 

As laid down in the framework agreement on interchange rates on credit and debit card transactions ("Acuerdo Marco regulador de la fijación de las Tasas de Intercambio en transacciones con pago mediante tarjetas de crédito o débito") signed on 2nd December 2005, the inter-system interchange rate will be the sum of the weighted average of the intra-system interchange rate applied by a given retail establishment's set of system management institutions and an interconnection cost of 0.03 euros. It will therefore be less than the 0.06 euro maximum established in the Agreement. This interconnection cost will be added to all transactions except those taking place at retail establishments whose business is carried out on a charitable basis. Click here to look up inter-system rates (only for customers of Sistema 4B member banks).

Interchange rates applicable to intra-system purchase transactions.

The interchange rates maximum, which will be of application for 2011, for the operations of cards issued by the entities of System 4B, to be carried out in shops where the acquirer is made also by entities in the system, are those that are described in the following table: