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This section covers the questions most frequently asked by cardholders.

What is a debit card?

Debit cards are a means of payment issued by a banking institution to individuals who hold a bank account with them. Transactions involving the card are immediately charged to the associated bank account.

In theory, the transaction limit of the debit card should be the available balance in the account against which the card is charged. However, for security reasons a maximum daily transaction limit is imposed.

What is a credit card?

A credit card is a means of payment issued by a banking institution to an individual or legal entity that is a customer of the institution, allowing the customer to enter into credit transactions under the contractually agreed terms and conditions.

The conditions of issue and use are set by each banking institution.

Difference between credit and debit cards

In the case of credit cards users can make payments and withdraw money from the credit assigned to them by their financial institution, regardless of the balance on their account, and defer payment until the following month. By contrast, payments made with debit cards are debited immediately from the user's account, up to the balance of the funds in the account, provided the limits assigned to the card are not exceeded (e.g. the maximum daily amount that may be withdrawn from cash dispensers).

How can I apply for a 4B, Visa or MasterCard card?

Contact any branch of a 4B member bank to apply for a 4B MasterCard or Visa card. Sistema 4B member banks are responsible for issuing Visa or MasterCard 4B cards and setting the issue criteria.

What should I do in order to use by 4B, MasterCard and Visa cards correctly?

  • As soon as you receive your debit card you should memorise your personal identification number (PIN) and ensure it is kept safely.
  • Check that you have retrieved your card when you finish each transaction using it.
  • Never accept help from strangers to solve problems with cash dispensers, e-banking applications or computer equipment.
  • Never reply to requests for information from strangers or persons whose function you cannot verified. All requests for information must relate to a particular procedure and the party requesting the information must be verified.
  • The magnetic stripe on your debit card contains important information about your account. Any object able to demagnetise the stripe will delete all the information stored on the card and render it unusable. Keep your card from coming into contact with other cards' magnetic stripes or magnetic purse clasps, and avoid leaving it near a television set.

Where can I use my 4B, MasterCard and Visa cards?

Holders of 4B, MasterCard and Visa cards issued by 4B banks may withdraw cash from cash dispensers in Spain and abroad that display the VISA or MasterCard logo. Cardholders can make purchases at more than 24 million retail outlets accepting MasterCard or Visa cards worldwide.   

What should I do if I lose my card or it is stolen?

If your card disappears, report it immediately by calling our customer care numbers 913.626.200 or 902.114.400

What should I do if I notice that my card has been used fraudulently?

If you notice that your card has been used for transactions you did not take part in, report it immediately by calling the number given by you card issuing institution or our customer care numbers 913.626.200 or 902.114.400.

Once your card has been blocked to prevent fraudulent use, you must also report it to the national police and inform your financial institution.

When is it necessary for me to use my secret number (PIN)?

Your secret personal identification number (PIN) is essential when using cash dispensers in Spain or abroad.

It is not normally necessary when making purchases at retail outlets or paying for goods and services via a point of sales terminal (POST).

What should I do with my card when it has expired?

Destroy your card when it expires. Never throw your card away whole.

My card is about to expire, when will I receive a new one?

4B Banks should issue their customers with a new card sufficiently in advance of the expiry date of the old one. Be aware of when your card expires and if you do not receive notification from your bank a few days before the expiry date, enquire at your branch. Each bank chooses whatever it considers to be the most appropriate means of delivering cards to its customers. If you require more information, ask at your branch.

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