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Security and Fraud Prevention

For Sistema 4B and all its member institutions, transaction security and fraud prevention and control are a priority in order to guarantee cardholders' and merchants' confidence in the system.

Indeed, 99.96% of transactions performed using the 4B network correspond to the cardholder, thus confirming the system's security.

What does Sistema 4B do to protect cardholders against fraud?

The measures taken to protect against fraud include:

•    Secure card and PIN issuance and distribution

•    Issuance and distribution cards in de-activated form for activation by the cardholder using cardholder authentication procedures.

•    Checking internal marks permitting rapid identification of whether a card has been forged.

•    Control and permanent updating of the blacklist of cards blocked due to theft, loss or forgery.

•    Monitoring of transactions in near-real time using intelligent systems which alert to alterations in card behaviour.

•    Optional notification of transactions by SMS for verification by the cardholder.  

•    Permanent analysis for identification of copy points and procedures used

How to avoid fraud when using your card

The security of the system is based on the ability to authenticate the cardholder. It is therefore important that customers take care over their personal data and their attitude at the time of making payment.

The following guidelines should therefore be followed:

•    Sign your card on the back as soon as you receive it.

•    Do not use an easily identifiable PIN and never leave a written note of it with your personal effects. Memorise it.

•    Keep a regular watch on transactions in your current account or credit card to identify anomalies as soon as possible. If you detect anything unusual, block the card immediately by calling the user helpline on 913.626.200 or 902.114.400 or contacting the issuer bank.

When performing transactions using cash dispensers:

•    If, when you are using a cash dispenser, you notice any unusual devices or signs of tampering, inform the branch, if possible. Otherwise, if in doubt, use another cash dispenser.

•    Check that you have retrieved your card when you finish the transaction.

•    Never accept help from strangers to solve problems with cash dispensers.

•    The magnetic stripe on your debit card contains important information about your account. Any object able to demagnetise the stripe will delete all the information stored on the card and render it unusable. Keep your card from coming into contact with other cards' magnetic stripes or magnetic purse clasps, and avoid leaving it near a television set.

When performing transactions in retail establishments:

•    Only use your cards in authorised and secure establishments.

•    Never let your card out of your sight. If you notice any abnormal manipulation, inform the manager of the establishment.

•    When keying in your PIN in retail establishments, make sure nobody can see it.

•    Keep your payment slips and check them against your statements or transaction reports.

When conducting card transactions where you are not physically present at the retailer's establishment (e-commerce, telephone ordering, etc.)

•    Only use your cards in authorised and secure establishments.

•    Never accept help from strangers to solve problems with e-banking applications or computer equipment.

•    Never reply to requests for information from strangers or people whose role cannot be verified. All requests for information must relate to a particular procedure and the party requesting the information must be verified.

•    If you do not yet have a certificate allowing you to conduct secure e-commerce transactions, contact your bank and ask for one. The registration procedure is simple, and it greatly improves the security with which your card can be authenticated. Use criteria that are easy to remember but very personal, so as to prevent their being deduced by third-parties.  

What to do in an emergency?

•    If your card disappears, report it immediately by calling our customer care service on 913.626.200 or 902.114.400  of the customer care number of your issuing bank.

•    Identify fraudulent transactions as quickly as possible and contact your bank.

•    You also need to report fraud to the National Police and send the details to your bank