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Partial spin off and consequent reduction in capital and modification of corporate purpose (42,04 KB) Download

In accordance with the provisions in articles 242 and 254 of the Law of Corporations, made public that the extraordinary general meeting of 'System 4B, public limited company' (the 'society'), held at its head office on 26 February 2008, unanimously approved the scission of part of society through the segregation of its industry of 'processing', which is an independent economic unit, for its contribution to a company of new creation, to be called «Redes y Procesos, S.A.» And that is subrogated in all the rights and obligations inherent to the heritage splinter, all this in accordance with the draft of partial scission approved by the Governing Board of the society dated October 23 2007, deposited in the Register of Madrid, and on the basis of the Balance of the society ended 31 August 2007 and verified by the auditors of society

Call for extraordinary general meeting (83,55 KB) Download

The Governing Board of 'System 4B, S.A. " (the 'Society'), at its meeting on January 22 2008, has agreed to call an extraordinary general meeting of shareholders, that will be held in the corporate address, in Madrid, 12,Francisco Sancha street, the next day 26 February 2008, at 17:00, at first call or, in his case, in second call the next day, in the same place and time, in order to discuss and resolve on the matters within the next....