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In order to accept card payments from a website Sistema 4B offers a virtual POST which incorporates the latest secure payments protocols backed by the Visa International and MasterCard international brands.

How does it work?

The 4B Internet payments solution consists of a software POST resident on Sistema 4B servers, which is accessible over the Internet by retailers from their online stores. Thus, the retailer will have a web page where customers can enter their card details and make payments, thus obtaining an immediate response and resolution of the payment process.

The main advantage of this centralised system is that it avoids the need for retailers to install any outside software on their server and it makes it possible to include upgrades, new functionality and updates from Sistema 4B's end in  a way that is totally transparent for the retailer. The retailer only needs to implement the SSL connection interface with the software resident at 4B, which will enable the retailer to accept bank cards on his website.

Secure payments: an advantage for retailers.

One of the problems associated with online card payments is the difficulty of authenticating customers, given that they are not physically present when making the purchase. To overcome this problem and give the channel a higher level of security, international systems have developed secure protocols based on 3D Secure technology: Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode. This enables customers to be identified as the legitimate holders of the card they are using.

Sistema 4B incorporates the Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode secure electronic payments systems in its virtual POS terminal (Pasat Internet) provided to its member retailers. Retailers using the Pasat Internet system are ensured the maximum protection allowed by the current regulations, giving them the highest level of protection against repudiation.