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The Telepago 4B network offers retail establishments contracted by Sistema 4B banks an efficient system for card-payment sales transactions using any card issued by Spanish banks and the majority of foreign banks, by virtue of the agreements existing with the main international payment schemes.

Sistema 4B ensures the optimisation of research and development resources that incorporate the latest new features in the sector, in order to be able to offer our retailers the market's most innovative terminal network, thereby enhancing security and efficiency. This has established the Telepago 4B network as a recognised benchmark among retail outlets as well as among leading equipment manufacturers.

To match our offering to market demands, which are shaped by advances in technology and communications, various communications protocols and computer applications have been developed, enabling card payments to be accepted on channels where the cardholder is not present, such as telephone order, online (e-commerce) or mail order sales. Computer payment collection systems with varying levels of security are used in these cases.

Thus, retailers belonging to the Telepago 4B network can opt between various different types of terminal, so as to select the one which best meets their business's needs:

  • Fixed POST: for all types of establishment with basic card payment collection needs.
  • GPRS mobile POST: for establishments which need mobility for their payment collections, such as restaurants, door-to-door sales, etc.
  • ADSL Bluetooth POST: Utilising the advantages of broadband and the portability of Bluetooth.
  • DCC POST: Allows customers to use their cards outside their country of issue while paying in their currency of origin (pounds, dollars, yen, etc.), accepting a given exchange rate.
  • Virtu@l POST: enables card payments to be taken over the Internet.
  • PC POST: Computer application installed on a PC.

As an additional measure allowing Telepago 4B retailers to control their transactions, they have the option of a Telecuenta card, which allows them to make balance and recent transaction enquiries over 4B POS terminals and Telebanco 4B network cash dispensers, by entering the PIN supplied to the establishment's manager.

How do card payments at a Telepago 4B retailer's work?

When a payment is made at a retail outlet via the Telepago 4B network, the following flow is initiated: