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Strategic focus

Since its creation, Sistema 4B's quality focus has been the basis of its strategy and management. This focus is understood as a permanent improvement in customer service, both in terms of levels of service and continuous innovation of its offering. During the new stage begun in 2008 the network's quality of service has continued to be the priority set by the company's strategy in its current competencies.

The main responsibilities taken on by Sistema 4B to achieve its objectives, within the context of its relationships, are:

  • Guaranteeing the interoperability of 4B cards, both in Spain and abroad, and the acceptance of the biggest possible number of international cards at the network's retail outlets and terminals.
  • Defining and applying a risk policy that ensures that the clearing and settlement systems function correctly.
  • Guaranteeing adequate levels of network availability and maintenance, so as to promote and safeguard the brand's quality image.
  • Defining security and fraud control policies for the network and overseeing strict compliance with them.
  • Supervising and encouraging the use of the 4B brand on card designs and markings on terminals.
  • Ensuring that contingency plans are available at all times and subjecting them to continuous review.
  • Exploring and analysing new opportunities that allow the quality of the network as a whole to be improved.

SISTEMA 4B's extensive experience in centralised network management has established it as a network model that is unique in Europe, not only as regards its leadership in terms of process and transaction volumes, but also in its piloting and matching each product to its market segment.

This functional scheme, which stands out as a basis for ad hoc development focused on future specialisation as the guarantee of incorporating new technologies, has allowed substantial improvements in the services to be implemented, going beyond the mere exchange of electronic transactions.  

Strategic focus Strategic focus
Strategic focus