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The first issuer of electronic money Spanish joins 4B. 07/07/2009

E.G.E. - Madrid-

Younique Money is based. The first issuer of electronic money (EDE) of Spain announced yesterday that it has become part of System 4B, the network to which they belong entities such as Santander, Banesto, Popular, Pastor, Banking March, Guipuzcoano or Bank of Valencia.

The cardholders of some of the prepaid cards for Younique may use any of the cashiers 4B to recharge its plastics, withdraw, consult the balance available as well as the recent movements, in addition to make transfers and ordering the payment of receipts.

Younique born at the end of 2008. Its initial equity was one million euros. Among its shareholders are investors who created Good Menu, the card of food for employees more widespread throughout Spain.

4B has a network of 12,000 atms and 400,000 terminals (POS) installed in merchants. Younique does not provide any cashier to this network, but this does not become an exception within the framework of means of payment. Other members as ING Direct, Cetelem, Triodos Bank, RBC Dexia or Carrefour nor have own devices.

The intention of Younique is to provide products designed both for individuals, companies, as well as for Public Administration.

 The issuers of electronic money or EDE are a new category of entity, supervised by the Bank of Spain, arising from a royal decree adopted last year that developed a European directive of 2000